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Mark Carson

Born in Iowa back when the Earth was still flat (well, nearly that long ago), Mark Carson comes from a long line of engineers. His career in software engineering might seem like an odd prelude to designing watches. However, the same attention to detail and design disciplines apply to both. Watches, like good software, should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Mark Carson Ka La Roman Ref 10341

The journey to becoming a watch brand started in 2009 for Mark when he designed what would become the Individual Design “Ka La” watch. It all started with a design that he intended to be a single watch for himself. And it grew from there.

While Mark Carson has driven fast cars on a few race tracks and have some personal history with aviation, you aren’t going to get of these kinds of backstories with his creations. His watches were created out of his passion for design – not from “adventures” or “inspiration” from some long dead watchmaker.

So, if you are looking for watch with an aviation or auto racing “inspired” backstory, you will have to go elsewhere. Mark’s clean sheet designs are not inspired by any other watch – they are not an homage (rip-off) of a famous brand’s iconic watch nor are they a “Bauhaus” or “minimalist” generic watch churned out by a nameless Asian factory. His watches are designed in Hawaii (where he has lived since 1979) and each one is assembled in Hawaii by a professional watchmaker.

Ka La Reference 10111 with iconic Diamond Head, Waikiki, Hawaii

Mark has been designing unique and award winning watches since 2009 with his first watches delivered to customers in 2012. Mark Carson watches (initially branded as “Individual Design”) have been featured on aBlogtoWatch.com, WristWatchReview.com, TotalWatchReviews.com, WatchPonder.com, OracleOfTime.com, and mentioned in a number of blogs and watch forums.

Since introducing the ground breaking “Ka La” watch in 2012, Mark went on to design the international “A Award” winning “Ka La Sport” watches in 2016. They were the top watch designs in that year’s competition.

Rpaige Duo watch – case designed by Mark Carson

After meeting Richard Paige in 2013, Mark designed the case for the Rpaige Watch Co. “Duo” watch based on a concept Richard had for wearing a watch either side up.

Rpaige Crash of ’29 – designed by Mark Carson

In addition, Mark designed the iconic art deco Rpaige “Crash of ’29” watch which was produced in collaboration with Richard Paige.

Rpaige Skyscaper – designed by Mark Carson

Richard and Mark then went on to produce the “Micro Brand Award” winning Art Deco “Skyscraper” watch – which was again one of Mark’s designs.

Mark Carson Octagon Watch

After that, Mark produced another bold design – the Octagon Watch. Its unique case, dial, and hands were combined with a newly engineered Swiss movement.

Rpaige Speakeasy – case designed by Mark Carson

More recently, Mark designed the case for the Art Deco “Speakeasy” watches by Rpaige Watch Co. followed by the Moderne styled watch case of the Rpaige “Jukebox” watches.

Rpaige “Broadway” Jukebox case, dial, and hands designed by Mark Carson

In addition to watches, Mark has designed numerous other items, including fine jewelry. His “Black Widow Spider” necklace won the People’s Choice Award in the 2019 Hawaii Jewelers Association Design Contest. And his piece “Dawn Eclipse” placed in the 2020 Design Contest.

Tristin Koelkebeck with Black Widow Spider Necklace
Dawn Eclipse by Mark Carson

Mark is proud to introduce his latest creations – the “Kailua” line of watches, which were under development for three years. If surgical stainless steel was a gem stone, this is how it would be faceted – an “emerald cut” shape that forms a cohesive design with integrated lugs. While other designs will follow using this masterpiece case, the “Kailua” watches walk the line between sporty and formal. The perfect balance of sport/casual and dress wear, they are equally at home at the beach or under the cuff of a tuxedo jacket.

Mark Carson Kailua GMT Ref. 23435


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The petroglyph turtle logo is a trademark of Mark Carson, Honolulu, HI.
“Individual Design” is a trademark of Mark Carson, Honolulu, HI.
“ETA” is a trademark of ETA SA Manufacture Horlogere Suisse.
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Mark Carson watches are warranted (parts and labor) for one (1) full year from date of purchase for the original, registered owner. Proof of date of purchase is required for warranty claims. Watches purchased directly from Mark Carson/Individual Design are automatically registered for warranty purposes.

  • Watch case, crystals, crown, movement, dial, hands, buckles, metal bracelets

Not Covered:

  • Watch straps/bands (other than metal bracelets)
  • Scratches, breakage or other customer caused damage

Watch bands are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects at the time of purchase but are not otherwise warranted as they are normal “wear and tear” items.

Leather watch bands typically have a finite life as perspiration and body oils degrade natural leathers over time. It is not unusual to replace your watch band annually.

Warranty Registration

Mark Carson is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Jewelers Association