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Thunderbird Theme Installion Instructions
Step 1
    Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird.
Step 2
    Download a theme (such as winstripe-1.0.6-tb.jar) to your computer.
    Save the file to disk, do not try to open or run the file directly from the web.
Step 3
    Open the Themes dialog by selecting "Tools ->Themes" from Thunderbird's menu.

Step 4
    Click the "Install" button in the lower left corner of the Themes dialog.

Step 5
    Select your downloaded theme file using your file manager.

Step 6
    Confirm theme installation by clicking the "OK" button after file selection.

Step 7
    The new theme should appear in the list of themes.
    If the new theme is not highlighted, select it, then click the "Use Theme" button.
    Finally, click the close window button (the 'X' in the dialog's upper right).

Step 8
    IMPORTANT - Exit and restart Thunderbird.

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