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Mozilla Sunbird - stand alone calendar application
The copyright for the Sunbird logo was transfered to the Mozilla Foundation and it is now their
property for copyright and trademark purposes. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all other
software, images and content on this website are copyrighted material and are the property of
Mark L. Carson or other respective owners, all rights reserved. Unless explicitly marked otherwise,
no licenses are granted for any software, images or content on this website.
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Question: Is the Sunbird logo available under a MPL/GPL/LGPL license?
Answer: Not at this time, and it probably never will be.

The Sunbird logo and the word mark "Mozilla Sunbird" are trademarks of the Mozilla Foundation.
They are used to identify products of the Mozilla Foundation, and may not be used for to identity derivitive works
produced outside of the authority of the Mozilla Foundation. Since it is a trademark, the logo's use is restricted.

Refer to these Mozilla pages regarding Trademarks:

Mozilla Trademark Policy
Mozilla Trademark Policy for Localization Projects

The Sunbird logo is a copyrighted work which has been assigned to the Mozilla Foundation by Mark L. Carson.
The logo is also licensed to the Mozilla Foundation for use as a Trademark.

Question: Is the Calendar logo publicly licensed and trademark free?
Answer: Yes, the calendar only logo is licensed via MPL/GPL/LGPL and will not be trademarked.

The Calendar logo is an original copyrighted work by Mark L. Carson and is hereby
MPL/GPL/LGPL licensed so it may be used in trademark free distribuition.