Richard WARREN


ABT 1585 - 1628

Father: Christopher WARREN
Mother: Alice WEBB

Family 1 : Elizabeth JUATT
  1. +Nathaniel WARREN
  2.  Mary WARREN
  3.  Ann WARREN
  4.  Sarah WARREN
  5.  Elizabeth WARREN
  6.  Abigail WARREN
  7.  Joseph WARREN

                                                               _John WARREN _+
                                         _Christopher WARREN _|______________
                       _William WARREN _|
                      |                 |                      ______________
                      |                 |_____________________|______________
 _Christopher WARREN _|
|                     |                                        ______________
|                     |                  _____________________|______________
|                     |_________________|
|                                       |                      ______________
|                                       |_____________________|______________
|--Richard WARREN 
|                                                              ______________
|                                        _____________________|______________
|                      _________________|
|                     |                 |                      ______________
|                     |                 |_____________________|______________
|_Alice WEBB _________|
                      |                                        ______________
                      |                  _____________________|______________
                                        |                      ______________

[39] BIO: THE FAMILY IN AMERICA I. RICHARD WARREN, son of Christopher and
Alice (Webb) Warren, was born in England, probably about 1585. He was
one of the passengers who came to America in the "MAYFLOWER" in 1620.
He came from London and was called a "merchant" of that city. The
register at the end of Governor Bradford's folio manuscript give him
the honorable prefix of "MR." He was mentioned by a contemporary as
"grave Richard Warren, a man of integrity, justice, and uprightnes of
piety and serious religion," and also "as a useful instrument during
the short time he lived, bearing a deep share in the difficulties and
troubles of the plantation." With the exception of Bradford and
Brewster, the principal leaders of the Pilgrim Colony were of London
origin and association. Winslow, Warren, Allerton and Hopkins and
probably Standish, were among the great civil leaders of the Colony
and they were men who, as distinguished from the church element, gave
stability to its financial management. (English ancestry and Home of
the Pilgrim Fathers-Banks). He received land grants in common with his
associates, and one of these grants was at Warren's Cove. He was one
of the influential members of the company, and as such was selected
with nine others to cruise along the coast from Cape Cod Harbor in a
shallop for the purpose of deciding a place of settlement. His wife,
Elizabeth, whom he married in England, followed him to America in the
ship "Ann" in 1623, bringing with her their five daughters. Eight
wives and 12 children came on these ships "Ann" and "Little James".
Richard died at Plymouth in 1628. Elizabeth occupied an improtant
position in the colony, and is usually mentioned in the records as
Mistress Elizabeth Warren, a designation by no means common. Here is
one of the rare instances in an early colony of continued widowhood.
Upon the marriage of her daughters, she conveyed to their husbands
certain lands, variously located at Eel River and Wellingly. She died
at Plymouth, Oct. 2, 1673 about 90 years of age. A SUMMARY of the
WARREN ANCESTORS, as given by the President of the Associations of
"Descendants of Richard Warren" in 1915. A Danish Knight had six
children. Herpastus (Herfastus) (2) the second child married Walter De
St. Marin and had William De Warren, the third earl of Warren on
Normandy. He married daughter of Ralph De Tonta and had William (4) De
Warren, the first earl of Warren and Surrey in England. William (4) De
Warren, married Gungreda, daughter of William (6) King of England, and
he says, "I have the line from William (4) De Warren down to Richard
(22) Warren, the Pilgrim, or Richard (1) Warren of Plymouth. From
Gundreda the line is traced back for many hundreds of years through
the crowned heads of Europe." 1. Walter de St. Martin and his wife had
2. (I) William de Warren, Earl of Warren in Normandy. He married a
daughter of Rolph de Torta. 2. William de Warren and wife had 3.
(I)William de Warren, the first Earl of Warren and Surrey. He married
Gundreda, daughter of William, King of England, surnamed the
"Conqueror." 3. William, first Earl of Warren and Gundreda had 4.
(I)William de Warren, second Earl of Warren, married Isabel. She died
Feb. 13, 1131. He died May 2, 1138. 5. (II) Ralph de Warren 6. (III)
Gundreda 7. (IV) Edith 8. (V) Daughter, name not learned. 4. William,
second Earl of Warren, and Isabel had 9. (I) William de Warren the
third Earl ofWarren, married Adela, daughter of William Falvace, Earl
of Ponthern and Sars 10. (2)(II) Reginald de Warren married Adela,
daughter of Roger de Mowbray 11. (III) Ralph de Warren 12. (IV)
Gundreda 13. (V) Ada, she married in 1139, Henry, Earl of Huntington,
eldest son of David, King of Scots, and they were the parents of
Malcome and William, Kings of Scotland, and David, Earl of Huntington.
9. William de Warren, Third Earl of Warren and Surrey, and Adela, had
14. (I) Isabel, Countess of Warren and Surrey. She married Hameline
Plantagenet. She died July 1199. He died May 1202. 10. Reginald de
Warren and Adela had 15. (I) William, he married Isabel, daughter of
Sir William de Hayden, Knight. 15. William and Isabel had 16. (I) Sir
John Warren, he married Alice, daughter of Roger de Townsend, Esq. 17.
(I) John. He married Joan, daughter of Sir Hugh de Port, Knight 17.
John and Joan had 18. (I) Sir Edward Warren. He married Maud, daughter
of Richard de Skeyton. 18. Sir Edward and Maud had 19. (I) Ralph, died
without children. 20. (II) Sir William Warren, died without children.
21. (III) Sir Edward Warren, married Cicely, daughter of Nicholas de
Eaton, Knight 22. (IV) John, died without children. 21. Sir Edward and
Cicely had 23. (I) Sir John Warren. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir
Richard de Wynnington, Knight. 24. (II) Margeret 23. Sir John and
Agnes had 25. (I) Sir Lawrence Warren, Knight, married Margery,
daughter of Hugh Bukley, Esq of Ware, in Shropshire. 26. (II) Emma 25.
Sir Lawrence Warren, Knight, and Margery had 27. (I) John, married
Isabel, daughter of Sir John Stanley, Knight. 28. (II) Ralph 29. (III)
Margery 30. (IV) Joan 31. (V) Cicely 32. (VI) Margaret 33. (VII)
Elizabeth 27. John Warren and Isabel had 34. (I) Sir Lawrence Warren,
married Isabel, daughter of Sir Robert Leigh, Knight. 35. (II)
Elizabeth 36. (III) Jane 37. (IV) John, married Anne, daughter of Lord
Stafford 38. (V) Richard 39. (VI) Henry 40. (VII) Joan 34. Sir
Lawrence and Isabel had 41. (I) Sir John Warren 42. (II) William
Warren, seated at Counton, in Nottinghamshire. He married Anne, who
died May 1, 1496 42. William and Anne had 43. (I) John. He married
Elizabeth. He died 1525. 44. (II) William, died 1542. 45. (III) Jane
43. John and Elizabeth had 46. (I) Gregory 47. (II) John of Headbury,
in the Parish of Ashburton, in Devonshire, Eng. 47. John Warren had
48. (I) Christopher 48. Christopher had 49. (I) William. He married
Anne, daughter of Thomas Mable of Calstocks in Cornwall. 49. William
and Anne had 50. (I) Christopher. He married Alice, daughter of Thomas
Webb, of Sidnam, in Devonshire, England. 50. Christopher and Alice had
51. (I) Rev. Robert. He married Margaret Burges. 52. (II) John. Came
to America. 53. (III) Thomas 54. (IV) Richard of Greenwich, in Kent
County, England, Merchant. He married Elizabeth Juatt (perhaps the
same name now called Jewett) widow of March. Richard came to America
in the Mayflower, 1620. Died in Plymouth, Mass. 1628. She died 1673,
age 90 years. 55. (V) Christopher who married Sarah, daughter of
Nicholas Opie, Esq. of Plymouth, England. 56. (VI) William, a London
merchant. Married Mary, daughter of William Cuttney. 57. (VII) Anne,
who married John Richards. --O-- THE WARREN LINE ARMS - CHEQUY
or/and AZURE (BURKE: "General Armory".) In interest and intiquity
the history of the Warren family is exceeded by that of no other in
England. The surname Warren is of Norman-French origin, and is
derived from Gerenne, or Gareme, a small river in the old county of
Calilas, or Caux, in Normandy, which gave its name to the neighboring
commune. There is at present, a village called Garenne in the same
district, and it is here that the origin of the family has stood on
the west side of the river Garenne, and as late as the year 1832 some
of ruins were standing. The surname has assumed different forms from
time to time Gereyn, Warreyn, Waryn, Warin, Waring, Warynge, and
Warren. It first appears in England with William de Warrene, a Norman
nobleman, who came to England with William the Conqureor, and was
related to him both by marriage and common ancestry. An ancient
genealogy of the family traces the lineage of this William de Warenne
back to the yeare 900 A.D., when his Scandinavian origin of the Norman
family is conceded by eminent genealogists, and the following pedigree
with slight variations, is accepted by authorities on the Warren
history. I.THE PROGENITOR, a Danish knight, was among those who
succeded in obtaining a footing in Normandy, and became allied through
marriage with one of the foremost families of noble lineage of Europe.
II. HERFASTUS, son of the progenitor. III. A daughter, married Walter
de Saint Martin. IV. William de Warren, Earl of Warren in Normandy,
married a daughter of Ralph de Torta. V. William de Warren, son of
William de Warren, married Gundred, daughter of William the Conqureor,
and became the first Earl of Warren and Surrey of England. VI. William
de Warren, second Earl of Warren and Surrey, married Isabel, daughter
of the fifthe Earl of Vermandois, in France. VII. REGINALD WARREN, son
of William de Warren, married Adelia de Mowbray, daughter of Roger de
Mowbray. VIII. WILLIAM WARREN, only son of Reginald Warren, married
Isabel de Hayden, daughter of Wir William de Hayden, Knight. IX. SIR
JOHN WARREN, only son and heir, married Alice de Townsend, daughter of
Roger de Townsend, Esquire. X. JOHN WARREN, son and heir, married Joan
de Port, daughter of Sir Hugh de Port, Knight. XI. SIR EDWARD WARREN
married Maud de Skeyron, daughter of Richard de Skeyron (Skegeton).
XII. SIR EDWARD WARREN married Cicely de Eaton, daughter of Nicholas
de Eaton, Knight. XIII. SIR JOHN WARREN, only son, married Agenes de
Wynnington, daughter of Richard de Wynnington, Knight. XIV. SIR
LAWRENCE WARREN, only son and heir, married Margery Bulkely, daughter
of Hugh Bulkely, Esquire, of Ware, in Shropshire, ancestor of the
Bulkelys of England. XV. JOHN WARREN, eldest son, married Isabel
Stanley, daughter of Sir John Stanley, Knight. XVI. SIR LAWRENCE
WARREN married Isabel Legh, daughter of SIR ROBERT LEGH, Knight. XVII.
WILLIAM WARREN, seated in Caunton, in Nottinghamshire, married Anne.
Died in May 1496. XVIII. JOHN WARREN married Elizabeth, died in 1525.
XIX. JOHN WARREN, of Hedbury, in the parish of Ashburton, Devonshire.
married Anne Mable, daughter of Thomas Mable, of Calstocke, in
Cornwall. She married (second) William Culling, of Woodland, in
Devonshire. XXII. CHRISTOPHER WARREN, of Hedbury, only son and heir,
married Alice Webb, daughter of Thomas Webb, of Sidenham, in
Devonshire. (Rev. Thomas Warren: "History and Genealogy of the
Warren Family." John Collins: "The Warren Genealogy," from research
done in England. Samual Putnam Avery: The Warren, Little, Lothrop,
etc., Pedigrees.") (Roebling: Richard Warren of the "Mayflower".
New England Historical and Genealogical Register.)

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