Aloha Family & Friends

2003, come and gone so fast. Tristin is about to turn 10 and is in her final year (5th grade) at Mililani Uka Elementary School. Tristin was a member of her school's cross country team this fall and is also a member of her school's chorus. Mark continues to work on Tristin's school's website (

Troy continues at Punahou School where he is now in 1st grade. Troy turned 7 in October and enjoys school , although getting there on time means waking up a lot earlier than his sister…

Both Troy and Tristin continue with year round swimming lessons at the local YMCA. They also continue with Tae Kwon-do. Troy is now a Red Belt and Tristin has earned her Junior Black Belt. It's possible we may have a couple of black belts by our next Christmas letter! They both enjoyed learning to play tennis this past summer and Tristin has expressed an interest in playing volleyball. Mark continues to work on the website for their Do Jang (

We share our home with our two cats -- one who is the "old man"- "Lefty" is now 14, and a frisky, 18 lb., 2-1/2 year old, "Maximus", who just loves when we put up the Christmas tree. Everyday now we come home and find ornaments all around the house - mostly the "bird" ornaments…

Troy, Tristin and Mark made it to Iowa this Summer for the 4th of July weekend. They enjoyed the family reunion at Uncle Carl's and Aunt Linda's farm, and also the early evening "lightning bug" catches. It was great to see so many family members even though our time in Iowa was so limited this year.

Tammy continues as President of Trophy House which, along with the kids schedules, keeps her going non-stop. I keep hearing her say, "All I need is another six more hours in my day and it'd be just right"… The business is now 45 years old and we have owned it for 13 years. How the years fly by! Mark continues as a self-employed Software Engineering Consultant working for the Navy and travelled to San Diego, Guam and Japan this year on business.

We haven't done much recently with the family website, but browse by when you can. Email is always welcome: or We look forward to spending the Christmas and Tristin's birthday (December 26th) in Hilo with the Hawaiian side of the family.

We hope the Holidays and the Coming Year find each of you healthy, happy, and filled with the joys of living.