Aloha Family & Friends

2002 has been another busy year for the Carsons. Tristin is about to turn 9 and attends fourth grade at Mililani Uka Elementary School. Troy was accepted at Punahou School and is enjoying Kindergarten again as the birthday cut-off for Punahou differs from the public schools. Troy turned 6 in October and truly enjoys his new school. Mark continues to work on Tristin's school's website (

Both Troy and Tristin continue with year round swimming lessons at the local YMCA. They also continue with Tae Kwon-do. Troy is now a Green Belt and Tristin has earned her Blue Belt. Mark continues to work on the website for their Do Jang ( Troy gave soccer and basketball a whirl at the YMCA recently where he got to team with one of his best buddies. Tristin is a member of her school's chorus and is 4 foot 7 inches tall and still only 8 years old for a few more days!

Troy, Tristin and Mark made it to Iowa this Summer for a brief vacation. Then the kids were packed off to Hilo where they stayed with Granny and the Hilo family while Tammy and Mark flew off to Munich, Germany to pickup Mark's new car which they drove in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, and France before turning the car in and flying home from Paris. The three week trip was our 10th anniversary celebration and European delivery of a new car was something Mark has wanted to do ever since high school. We had a great time and took over 600 pictures in Munich, Appenzel, Lugano, Venice, Chianti, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Monte Carlo, Provence, the Loire Valley and Paris.

Tammy continues as President at Trophy House which keeps her very busy. Mark continues as a self-employed Software Engineering Consultant working for the Navy and travelled to Singapore, Bali, Darwin(Australia), and Japan this year on business.

We haven't done much recently with the family website, but browse by when you can. Email is always welcome: . We look forward to spending the Christmas and Tristin's birthday (December 26th) in Hilo with the Hawaiian side of the family.

We hope the Holidays and the Coming Year find each of you healthy, happy, and filled with the joys of living.

Troy and Tristin Carson, Christmas 2002